FEATURESExperienced developer. Passionate community. A sincere desire to create long-term and flawless gameplay.

Overall info

  • rate X1
  • Interlude - NON JAVA
  • No - box
  • No - pay to win
  • No - rmt
  • No - gmshop

No dual box

This is the most important feature for the developer and support staff. We want every player to enjoy the game at the most while playing one character at a time. In addition to that, players who play support classes will be able to find parties and group up with other players.

Important: we understand that some players will attempt to dual box claiming that their brothers, sisters, spouses, dogs or even coffee machines are playing. Sooner or later, we will find out. 

If more than ONE person will be playing from the same household, will have to contact administration. What is more, these players will be checked more often.

No pay-2-win

We are creating a project where every player will have a chance to prove themselves by inputting their time, skill and teamwork. There will be no additional items that change stats. Available donations to support server are listed below. All donations will go towards the maintenance of the server and hiring additional GameMasters and Community Managers. The philosophy of the server contradicts any advantage for players who pay more money. Everything we do, we do it for pleasure and we enjoy it.

Clear communication

Players will never be kept in the dark. We have been there and we know how it feels. You will be kept up-to-date as much as possible. Good times or bad times, we will let you know what is going on, what we are working on, what are plans, timelines, online numbers. In worst case scenarios like server going down, we will be extra active about current situations.


Events will be introduced during the progress of the server: L2Day, collecting medals, fireworks, zaken curse and more. We are able to create our own events, so we are happy to hear your ideas. What is more, we understand that in most of the servers Event rewards are not so much rewarding. We will find a balance. 

  • Events help to show activity and health of the server. Since we have nothing to hide, you will be able to see the health of the server yourselves.

No shadow weapons

We understand that shadow weapons are a retail thing for Interlude, but most of the people keep forgetting that shadow weapons were introduced in C6 which means the game was already out for 3-4 years and shadow weapons were to help new people who were coming to the server. Since the server is starting fresh, there is no need for shadow weapons.

  • Newbie guide Non grade and D grade weapons will be available from the launch.

Drop rate of herbs

We came to the conclusion that herbs affect the gameplay too much and many classes are affected by it. The drop chance of herbs will be reduced to 15%. We are not deleting this feature because we understand that there will be players who like to play solo and this will help them. But this project is more focused that players will co-operate and use a party matching system.

Progress of the server

This is one of the hardest tasks to keep in line. There are always 3 types of players: hardcore, semi-hardcore and casuals. Our goal is to keep the gap between these players as low as possible, but not undermining any of the groups. To do this, the following changes will be implemented:

  • Olympiad: delayed until the server is ready. The decision to open the olympiad will be at Mrakobes discretion. 
  • Castles: castles will not be open at the server starts.When server progresses, firstly minor castles will be opened. Later, when the server progresses more, major castles will be opened. The decision to open the castles will be at Mrakobes discretion.
    • Manor reward will be reduced to keep economics of the server stable. Manor will be disabled until all castles are opened.
  • Clan Halls: only siegable clan halls will be open from the launch of the server. Clan halls are opened 
    • Clan Halls will have the levels of their buffs decreased. As an example – Vampiric Rage 4 lvl -> 2lvl. 
  • We understand that many players will say that clan hall will lose its purpose because of these changes. We disagree because we believe by doing this we will make players look for groups, and clan halls have other services that are core for all clans.
  • Core/Orfen – spawned from the start of the server. While Core/Orfen will be the only alive Epic raid bosses, their static respawn time will be increased to x2-x3.
  • AQ/Zaken they have increased static respawn time. Core/Orfen will be set to retail respawn times.
  • Baium – will be implemented after the server progresses more. When Baium spawns, it will have retail or reduced dynamic number (vote/poll will be created for this). AQ/Zaken will be set to retail respawn.
  • Tezza/Valakas/Antharas – will be implemented after the server progresses more. Will have to be proper tested

Important: the delay for castles/epics/clan halls/olympiad are preliminary. It means it’s not set in stone and is a subject to change. The health/population of the server will be revised on a weekly/monthly basis and depending on that delayed features will be implemented.

Streamers rewards

Streamers are the backbone of the advertisement. We will make sure that they receive appropriate rewards for their support. In addition to that, we will keep in check our streamers to be sure that other servers/content will not be advertised./p>

  • Premium;
  • Colorful title with the stream link.

Premium character

  • 3 global shouts every 24 hours
  • Increased xp/sp +0.3

Vote reward

  • 2 global shouts every 12 hours
  • Increased xp/sp +0.5 (stackable with premium)


  • 1st class transfer;
  • 2nd class transfer;
  • Name change;
  • Clan name change;
  • Clan transfer;
  • Accessories
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Additional information

  • cross account freight/mail system
  • Dark elf quest Dangerous seduction adena reward reduced by 50%;
  • Various statistics will be implemented on the website in the future. Daily peak unique online numbers will be available on the website from the start.
  • Interlude interface. We will work on the interface once the server is stable and running. Chat/system menu windows will not be resizable. 
  • Scrolls to town, which you can receive exchanging dimensional diamonds, won’t be sellable to shop;
  • x10 clicking materials for crafters will not be available;
  • There will be no maps for catacombs when the server starts. Will try to implement it once the server is stable and running;
  • No limits for camera view/zoom;
  • Offline shops only in safe zones;
  • No in-game item search as the start of the server. We have an idea how to implement it, but it will consume a lot of time. Will be rechecked once server is stable and running;
  • Once the server is started, there will be no limits for offline shops per HWID. Once server progresses, the limit will be reduced to 1 and added requirement for first class and 20lvl;
  • Pets – retail;
  • Enchant rates will be adjusted. More information will come out before the server starts;
  • There will be no exp/sp lock;
  • At the start of the server fishing will be disabled. POCF will be implemented as a voting reward. Certain items from wishing will be available in the shop for adena, as an example – Big Fat white fish;
  • Strictly no dual boxing/botting. Penalty – hard ban to both chars and HWID/IP. You can’t box by mistake;
  • Lifestones/enchants/spellbooks will be stackable;
  • Events will be the same as they were in official servers + our own created ones with relative and balanced rewards;
  • Server will be restarted 48-+2 hours and all offline shops will be disconnected. Players will have to set up offline shops again;
  • No buff scrolls at all;
  • No cursed weapons at the start of the server. Cursed weapons will be implemented in the future as the server progresses;
  • Captcha is implemented;
  • Manor. Either reward will be reduced or made as a floating manor;
  • No flag zones at epics;
  • We will have a poll/vote for Barakiel/TOI raids dynamic respawn number;
  • Donations coins will not be tradeable;
  • Second class transfer only by doing quest or donating. Players will not be able to buy second class quest items for adena.
  • Accessories will not be tradeable.