Chronicle: Interlude
SERVER IS OPENED 02.04.2021!!

Welcome to Hellforge!

Experienced developer. Passionate community. Genuine will to create a long-term and flawless gaming experience.

Server Features


No dual box

If more than ONE person will be playing from the same household, will have to contact administration. What is more, these players will be checked more often.

No pay-2-win

We are creating a project where every player will have a chance to prove themselves by inputting their time, skill and teamwork. There will be no additional items that change stats. The philosophy of the server contradicts any advantage for players who pay more money.

Clear communication

You will be kept up-to-date as much as possible. Good times or bad times, we will let you know what is going on, what we are working on, what are plans, timelines, online numbers.

Streamers rewards

Streamers are the backbone of the advertisement. We will make sure that they receive appropriate rewards for their support as premium account, recommendations, accessories.

Delayed content

All epic Raidbosses, except Core and Orfen, are delayed until the server progress. All castles are delayed until the server progresses.

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Latest news


SERVER is in Open public beta(OBT)

Server is going live on April 2nd! Follow all burning information on discord channel "#Announcements".

Server OBT is closed. Server is in LIVE preparation phase.

All news


All burnign news and topics can be found in our discord server. Also to report bugs and share information visit our forum.

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