Hello Hellforge community!

Hope you are all well!

We are running to you to announce some exciting news around our project. After a while, we return to our loyal community, we believe that our server, our efforts and helpfulness are still of interest and that you will not be disappointed.

SO WHAT'S GOING ON? We went through several variants in the game, we thought about upgrading the chronicle to a higher one, however, after a while, we still ended up with the desire to play the Interlude. We hope you have the same feelings.
So our goal is to open an Interlude server, with all the features and a fixed system that we have developed/fixed. However, we are also working on other improvements to maintain the best possible gaming experience.

WHAT'S THE PLAN? Over the next 14 days, we plan to open the Closed beta for invitees to make sure that all aspects of the game work as they should. Also we will start reaching out all possible advertisements and update Depending on the number of bugs and the speed of fixes, we will announce the opening of the Open beta and then Live
I will update you within a few days with updated info => Need to resurrect forum and put all ideas together. :))

WHAT'S THE SETTINGS? We are planning to stick with Interlude Retail settings with some improvements. We will update you soon with detailed settings.

WHAT ABOUT TEAM? I will stay as main developer and server owner. Manu will be GM for spanish/brasilian/... communities. We have two more GMs/community managers in a queue, but still not fully confirmed from their side. We are also looking for good people to join our team. (Interview process consist 1 to 1 discussion with me and the probation period, to be sure that everything is OK.)
Note: GMs will always have restricted access ingame, so nobody could affect the game/game mechanisms instead of me.

ANY QUESTIONS? Please posts everything to general chat, if it will became unmanageable, we will divide it into channels and discussions will take a place in separated channels. Refer our DISCORD