Hello everyone !

In the last year, we've been working very hard to resolve all issues and features raised by you. As you've seen, we have fixed so many issues, problems, developed lot of new features and invested huge amount of time and resources to keep community and server alive. Even though we've spent months working on it , fixing things and the server is one of the best l2off packages in the market.

We wanted to keep this L2OFF server alive, but it requires lot of time, resources and unbelievable passion to work with L2OFF files which, unfortunately, is not even a bit comparable to today's l2j servers. Unfortunately the time, resources and our energy for this project Lineage 2 is no longer like that and we have have decided to not go forward with the L2Hellforge servers for now. It is a very hard decision to make, and we are very thankful for each of you who have helped us with our dream journey of building this the only one retail and fully working Lineage 2 Server.

We are taking a break now to gain new strength, new energy, new passion and maybe in the future we will get enough resources, passion and energy to come back. We will keep this discord alive so feel free to chat, discuss ask us about anything. If you want to talk to us in private, please send a PM in Discord. We will be happy to talk and answer any questions.

Again, thanks for joining us on this journey, our dream! It was great to see that the community is still united and still love retail Lineage II and not some mixed not workings pseudo Lineage.

With regards and respect Mrakobes, GMManu, Dev(Crash) and Zorgul.

Keep safe! We love you !.