RULESL2hellforge project Terms and Conditions.

1. Definitions

  1. “Us”, “We” or “Our” refer to the Service Provider with the legal name of “L2Hellforge”.
  2. The “player” is an individual who has full legal capacity (in line with the local government guidance) and uses one or more services provided by Us.
  3. “Service(s)” are all the services provided by Us to the player, included but not limited to our website, community platforms and any other complimentary service that contributes to the use of the Game.
  4. “Terms” refer to these terms, conditions and regulations that the player must accept before he starts using one or more of our services.
    We reserve the right to amend, add or remove portions of the Terms at any time, by posting the amended Regulations on our website. We may provide additional notice of those changes using the designated communication channels. Notwithstanding this, any amendment to the Agreement becomes effective, once posted. The player must not use any of our service, if he does not accept the new regulations.
  5. “Donation” is a voluntary and optional monetary support directed to “L2Hellforge” to help us cover the costs of the services we provide and to help us improve these, as all of them remain free of charge for every player.
    In exchange, the player who supports us will receive virtual “credit coins” to use in game. These coins, however, will not provide any substantial advantage game-wise. The contribution to the server is taken as a gift from "L2Hellforge" and is not refundable or claimable.

2. Privacy Policy

  1. L2Hellforge’s Policy illustrates how we collect, process and store the personal data the player provides us with.
  2. We use the essential data required to run our services and follow the EU GDPR guidelines in all the exercises that involve personal data processing.
  3. While using our services, you understand and accept they way we manage your personal information. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy procedures, you must stop using our services immediately.

3. Player rights and obligations

  1. A full list of DOs and DON’Ts is available on our website, in the “Rules” section. Please refer to that section for more guidance.
  2. Where a player is aged between 13 and 18, he must use our services to the extent he is entitled to, in accordance with the local laws.
  3. If a consent of a legal guardian is required, he must agree with the terms and conditions before the underaged player starts using our services.
  4. To start using our services, the player must create an account on our website, using the appropriate section

3. Responsibility

  1. The player’s account information must be kept private and as secure as possible. The Provider reserves the right to not deal with any queries regarding lost in-game items or accounts, unless specifically proven as a case of third-party hacking
  2. The interaction among players must happened under the players’ responsibility. The Provider will not interfere in personal disputes unless it is required to do so due to legal issues.
  3. It is our duty to keep our terms updated and protect the player’s personal data, as per section 2.
  4. It is the player’s duty to keep himself updated and provide lawful and correct information when required
  5. The Player has also the right to withdraw from the agreement, by contacting the administration via the designated communication channels
  6. The Provider is not responsible for any Service failures and other technical problems caused unpredictable or uncontrollable force-majeure events.